Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wanna see how weird I really am?? And NEW LIFE!

Okay. So I wanted to vlog a looooong time ago. But my video size was way too large. So I discarded that idea. But when my computer went in to be fixed, the webcam software was completely switched, and, lo and behold, I can upload. (I know. There was probably something I could do to make it smaller and all, but I know nothing about editing videos and all that.)

So here's my vlog...er...my vlog as well as my mom's, sister's and little bro Sam's. (make sure to watch the whole thing).

Alright. I admit it. I'm a dork. (and proud of it.)

HAHAHA! That would be me. :-)


And just to let you know...spring isn't coming. It's here. I've seen it.

Isn't this new life just beautiful? I can honestly and easily say that I love spring.Vivid colors, vibrant life, and simple, ordinary beauty...all that's worth celebrating.

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!

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