Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To my dear sweet Momma.

I love your laugh. I love how you have such joy in life. And I love how you are silly with us—and not afraid to be so. Funkytown shall remain forever grateful for your part in it.

Momma, I love how you know exactly what to say in hard times. I love your hugs and words as you console me. I love how you embrace the hardships and turn them into something good.

I love that you love God. And I love how you love us, and Daddy. I love your smile and the games you play with us. I love your strawberry shortcake. 

I love that you buy lindt chocolates for me when I'm feeling down, and fiber one bars for after dance. I love that you play games with us--like blink and cheat on your neighbor. I love that silly part of you that doesn't want pictures taken of yourself...even though you are beautiful.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for being my Mom. God has really blessed me with you...

...Momma, I love you.

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