Monday, May 10, 2010

Miscellany Monday! Carissa's Meme...join!

I'm joining Miscellany Monday, hosted by that good 'ol awesome Carissa. :-)

 1. I've seriously been considering selling my old ipod to garner more money for that Canon Rebel Xti that I'm saving for. Considering. I don't think it would bring in a good buck, considering it's one of the older kinds. (least its not super bulky...)

2. I have a terrible problem with charging my camera battery. It's a terrible problem. I always forget to take it out and charge it...and then it dies on me! They should make a camera that doesn't need charging. That or a stun-gun to get people like me charging their cameras...

3. Speaking of pictures...(which is pretty much all I've been speaking of)...look at these pictures I got of my mom! She already put them on her blog in a previous post, but I had to share them with you. Grill Woman...taming the flames! It was so windy that day and we decided to have hamburger's for lunch...look at her go!

4. Okay. I admit it. I browse, amazon and the like looking at cameras. Not because I can buy them...but because I want one. Not a good idea. And it's not likely I'll be getting the $900 one. Nope. Not on my budget.

5. And I had to end with this picture of me...not because it's a good one (more like blech) but I love the colors.

My Miscellany Monday was more like Five Random Camera-related Things! Ha! Maybe next week I'll be better...

Head over to Lowercase Letters and join! :-)

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