Thursday, May 13, 2010

Am I an artist?...I'm going to have to say, YES. (and a giveaway!)

Was there ever really any doubt of my being an artist? From the earliest point on, I have loved creating, and have created. When I was younger, I was a big ham. By big, I mean huge. There's this super embarrassing video (yet uber cute) of me when I was little, singing "Down to the River to Pray" in an over-dramatic way, and trying not to laugh. It'll surface someday. Hey! I was about...six?

Art was is a way for me to express myself. I sang a lot. In fact, I still do. I belt out songs throughout the day and sing so loud and long that my dad once said to me, "Sweetie, sweetie, there are people sleeping in the next state." But do I stop? Nooo...Maybe I'm a little quieter, but not for long. I can't not sing. Just as I can't not write, or draw, or dance, or take pictures, or laugh. It's in my core. It's part of who I am.

And if you want proof of my artistic genius, check out these pics!

Oh, yeah, I was first class, baby. See that first prize ribbon on the bottom right side? Yup. I drew it. So humble, I am. And look at that NICOE. Mhm...something's not quite right there. Like my foreshortening on the car? Oh, I was goood. HA!

Yeah. That's me. With the eight billion colored bindies on my arms (I thought this was cool and wore them allll the time). Hair in my face--as usual. Proudly displaying my weapon of choice....Chalk.

Alright, alright...maybe I wasn't that great, but I was just barely six. Besides...I wanted an excuse to share these cute pics with you! My mom dug them out while looking for pictures for Chloe. Oh, I'm good. Right?

And who DOESN'T want to see pictures of bloggers when they're little? I mean, it's like ultimate adorableness/funniness...and can be, the most embarrasingest. (what? that's not a word?! Well, it should be!)

And who doesn't want a square car?! Or bindies on their arms, for that matter...

And just so you know, there's a giveaway for my DELUXE blog design package on Barbie's blog...and you could win it! Head over here and enter!

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