Monday, May 17, 2010

It's time for another Miscellany Monday...hopefully, I'll be better this week.

Join in for this week of Miscellany Monday, friends of mine! Ready yourself for the random! (like my alliteration??)

1. I'm in the process of coding up my website (planning ahead, baby). Wanna a little screenshot?? It's probably not gonna be the "finished" design, but I've just been playing with the HTML/CSS. I've got some ideas...I'm either going to go web 2.0, vintage/retro, or hand-drawn style. D'ya want one of these for your blog? Then head over here to be entered into a giveaway for my DELUXE blog design!

2. Wanna see me some degree?? I thought I'd share a little video of me doing random ballet stuff with you all...just a random one. I'm really doing it that fast...yup. I'm just that good.

3. I am not an animal person. Let me just get that across. It's not that I'm neccessarily afraid of them, or disgusted by them, it's just I don't really care for them. No offense, cute little puppies (however, much offense to you CATS--thanks much for the allergies).

4. There is something seriously wrong with orange jello. At least the kind I had. I slept over at one of my good friends house last Friday, and she made orange jello for me. (Because we have this joke that orange jello, and lutefisk and casseroles are the Minnesotan food.) Sadly it turned out...horribly wrong. She put it in the fridge the day before, and when I came over on Friday (around 4ish), it still wasn't hard. We ate a bit and then turned the already dissolving mush into goop. (and just to be us, we put parsley on the top and stuck it in the freezer.)

5. And speaking of the friend and I were talking about how people (almost) always end their phone calls with "Okay" or "Alright." And sometimes they'll go (I'm victim of this too), "Okay, alright, okay, bye." It's as if we're trying to shut the other person up. o.O Not that I would ever do something like that...

6. Without my contacts, I'm as blind as a bat. True story.

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