Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your blog + A custom theme song = You can win it!

Music often can summarize our emotions in a moment, helping us to pinpoint what we are feeling and what to do about it. It's only fair to say that music is a big part of my life. I've grown up in a very musical family, and I sing and play piano. I love music, for it often tells a story where words fail. There have been many a moment when I have lost touch with reality in order to fully attune my ear to the ephemeral world of music.

With that said...you could win your blog's own theme song. Think how incredible that would be! To go onto your blog and to hear your song, made custom for you, unique and beautiful and reflective of your thoughts. The place where nothing but notes can capture our meanings--that's what you could have!

The very talented Jared Kraft, (brother to the amazing Abigail, and son of equally awesome Lynnette) has started a blog theme song business, and to kick it off...he's giving a two minute long theme song away on Lynnette's blog! Valued at a low introductory rate of $65, this is something that will complete your blog.


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