Thursday, April 29, 2010

Giveaways and the LAST week of Planting Chums :: Four FUN Facts

It's the last week of Planting Chums. I can't believe there's already been (almost) a month of them! Since it is the last one, I wanted to make it super fun.'s gonna be just four fun facts about you, and there are a lotta giveaways.

For the giveaways...(scroll down for the Planting Chums link up)

First off, we've got this super gorgeous Dahlia Necklace Yellow by Offbeet. I know. Uber cute, right? There were several different colors for this necklace, but I really love that yellow. Vivid, cheery, bright and SUMMERY. Says it all there. Offbeet has some seriously cute jewelry...I would definitely check her shop out!


Then another necklace, Continents, by ThisMuchLove. She's a sweet lady who incorporates her faith into her jewelry (look at the shape of that necklace? Is that not creative?) I love the different stones that shes for her jewelry...yet she still ties it all together. A simply gorgeous necklace. Again...there's some yellow in there (along with green and blue--some of my favorite color combos.) so it's another summery necklace for you! :-)


Okay. I fell in love with this hat. I know that it's nearing summer, but seriously...come winter time, this is something I would be wearing. Quirky, cute and it looks soooo warm. a rebel and wear it in the summer! HA! The therosenhoffs are giving this super cute hat away...check out their shop, they've got some more cute hats! (and some awesome photography). Oh, and Charlotte from therosenhoffs has an aaamaaazing blog on blogger. Very inspiring and such a cute layout. Check it out here!


Then, Joom is offering readers any mini pillow from his/her shop. Aren't these super cute?! (seems like I'm using the word "cute" a lot lately...but it's definitely needed to describe all of this etsy stuff!) The floral and bird patterns on the pillows are just darling, and I love the colors. Very, very vivid. And you know that I love vivid. (psst...the blue one's my favorite. In case anyone wanted to get me one. Y'know...Lol. ^_^) Aren't they just so fun? I really want to get a bunch of them and throw them all over my bed. Seriously, check out Joom's shop--definitely worth it.


Katie Daisy at thewheatfield is giving away any 8.5" x 11" print from her shop. Okay...if anyone wants to get me one of these, I'd be happy too. The lettering, colors and graphics are just incredible! Inspiring, dreamy and whimsical...her prints are what I would be hanging on my walls, let me tell you. Look at that one on the far left. Isn't that LIVE lettering just super awesome? Uhhh....oh, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.


Skeldesign is giving away a "what's the buzz" notepads. Skeldesign's store is just a fun, funky place to shop at for all sorts of stuff, such as...
A bright modern paper goods studio specializing in notepads, greeting cards, note cards, invitations, thank yous, personalized items, gift tags, t-shirts and so much more! (taken from the etsy shop)
Really though? I'd love to put this cute notepad up. What's the buzz with YOU?


Lolasroom is giving away any 8x8 print from her store. I have a few words for her photography...I'm in love with it. The soft colors and vintage look are incredible..really, her stuff is so gorgeous and I wouldn't mind any of it either. Some of my favorite pictures are her sky ones, and I love those spools of thread. The ordinary seen as beautiful...that's what I'm talking about!


Colorido Beaded Hoop Earrings by Zeijlon. Zeijlon has some really gorgeous jewelry, but I especially love these earrings because of the colors. Soft and cheery. (oops! I typed CHERRY at first...well...they are a little red. Hee hee...) Aren't they simply fab? Loooove them. These would be so cute to wear--definitely. All of her jewelry is really insane in the level of quality and detail that goes into it all. Simply mah'velous.


Okay. Aren't these just fun?! I thought that it would be fun to give these away...because they're so quirky! And I do like quirky! The black and white is so striking and, well, let's face it...that pattern is so fun. Wouldn't it be cute to have them? Really--they'd look so adorable tossed on a couch or bed. Looove them. tilly2shoes is giving them away...and aren't you glad? :-)


And lastly, Lilybaubles is giving away this Keep Calm Carry on Glass Soldered Charm. This is so cute and so vintage. As a font junkie, I love the font used for the Keep Calm etc...All of her charms are adorable and I'm so glad I was able to give this away. It's probably my absolute favorite out of her shop. I don't know about you, but I'd be wearing this on a chain for a necklace!

Now for Planting Chums, week four...all you have to do is put four, random, fun facts up about yourself, your family, etc. Silly, quirky, funny...I'm sure we'd love to hear about them! :-)

So here are my four fun facts:

1. I can do the splits. I can. Honest. Don't believe me...check out these pics!

It's taken me soooooooooo long to get there though. But I'm so glad I can. Although...I'll's only on my right side. I'm THIS close to being able to do it on my left.

2. I stepped on a pin tonight. Alright. So my dad was on a business trip and he got home tonight so I was tidying up a bit. Well, one of my mom's dreaded adorable (no, really. They're super, super cute) pincushions was on the floor. I smartly stupidly decided to pick it up with my foot (considering I had a couple more in my hands). Big. Mistake. I would advise you to never do it. Very painful. I literally screamed. 

3. I have never ever, ever, liked macaroni and cheese. I know. I'm weird. Not even as a me, it's double yucko. Yet I like noodles with butter and Parmesan. o.O

4. ( it's not about me...but this picture is too cute not to share)We got dairy queen tonight and Eli decided to make a "HUZZAH!" sound and do this.

It was a small vanilla dip cone...not a kid cone. And I got to help him with it (aka, eat off most of the chocolate and lick some of the icecream so it didn't drop all over him. Hee hee...pros to being a big sister there, baby!) Admit it. I've got some cute sibs. :-)

To be entered in the giveaways, all you have to do is write a post with four fun facts about yourself, and link up below. Simple, easy and fun. 
Get quirky, friends! ;-)

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