Thursday, April 22, 2010

Planting Chums :: Week Three :: Family Fotos (MEMORIES)

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This post is gonna be short (and hopefully) sweet. there's so much I could say about my topic, that I could fill a book with it. so I choose one of the sweetest memories I have for it. :-)

Okay, so this week for Planting Chums, we've obviously got the memory thing working with all the family fotos Right? Am I right? I think I am...because you can't hardly look at a photo and NOT remember some quirky fact or fun detail.

So, trying to find some good family fotos, I turned to the ever-reliable stock-piling of pictures...

Basically, facebook albums. (don't judge know it's a good idea) But I found something good (and something that should've been obvious to me, but my poor tired brain was going "Uhhh....")

click here for more pictures do I explain Woodland? (I wrote about it awhile back here) It's like the symbol of my family--the event that we await for all year. It's this resort up north that's by Leech Lake. This resort is old and holds so many memories...and we love it. (We end up knowing pretty much all of the campers there as well, because its the same people year after year after year after year...)

This is one week where we spend time together as a family and enjoy each other. Whether we're doing something or just sitting around watching a bonfire. This is our time to get together and refresh ourselves. It's a break from the everyday ordinary, and its saying hello to life again. It's a time where we can spend our days with each other, and loosen up a bit. Laugh a little. Get a little crazy. Hey, we may be the loudest campers, but I'll bet we have the most fun.

I don't know how we manage to do so much in just one week...and without out it seeming crowded. I'm not sure how it seems to be so long, and then suddenly we're home. I just know that Woodland is our place. We love it. And it's a lot sad when we have to say goodbye. But this little something makes it a little better...

Every year, at the end of the week, we head down to the dock for one last moment of quiet. One last moment of peace and reflection and solitude. The whole week is fun filled and jam packed with memories and happiness. This is our goodbye until next year.

And those photos remind me of that. These are memories that I'm always gonna have. Someday, some of my family will be gone. There'll be holes. But I'll have those pictures. I'll have those memories...all those memories from Woodland. My grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins all come up...all to spend one week together. Woodland is our symbol--Woodland brings us together as who we big, crazy, family. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

So what are some of your favorite family foto memories? Are they funny? Sweet? Bittersweet? A little melancholy? I'd love to see and hear about up below, and remember to bloghop around a bit! :-)

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