Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planting Chums :: Week Two :: Fun Games

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If you missed it, last weeks topic was Food Loves...this week's is, as you can see by the title, Fun Games. Okay. Don't leave yet. It won't be that bad--trust me.

This topic is all-encompassing to your favorite game--dodgeball, monopoly, dutch blitz, you name it! What game is a tradition among you and your family? What game is special? What made it so? Why do you like it so much?

Alright. I admit it. When I first picked this topic when planning out Planting Chums, I immediately thought of scrabble. "That's what I'll do!" I thought, all planned out, all ready, pictures already taken...

...But not any more!

On my sister, Grace's, ninth birthday (which occurred on the 12th--aka, Monday), she received a game. A game which I originally scorned. A game that I laughed at. A game that, to me, seemed like no fun.

The game that I'm talking about, is the...

And I'll admit something else too. I was wrong. The game is fun. 

I wasn't very interested when she first got it...okay, I wasn't interested at all. My mom, Chloe, and Grace were all playing it, and (a surprise to me) were enjoying it. Laughter and a little competitveness drifted by me, teasing my nose with its alluring scent...

Okay, okay, I'm kidding. They were having fun though, and with my mom playing, you will have to play the game--there's a little competition. But I still wasn't wanting to play. It didn't excite me.

Until that fateful day--that fateful hour--that fateful moment...

Alright, I'll lay off with the corniness.

I wasn't going to play at all...but on Tuesday, Chloe and Grace, sitting on the floor with the game set up, asked me to join the game.

I did. And...I'm glad that I did.

Here's how it works. You put these cards...

Into this little thing...

And then you turn it on and it starts spinning cards around like a merry-go-round ride gone bad. Wellll...maybe not that fast. It might get stuck sometimes...but not too terrible...

Then, a little light goes on at the top of his head, either red and green, and the designated card holder takes these cards...

And reads either the green text, or the red text. (the penguin switches colors and makes a noise to let you know about every 20/30 seconds).

Then, it's a mad dash to find whats on the card. For example, the red text above reads, Some Hair, so any card with hair, you have to grab before someone else does/the color changes.

see the hair??

At the end of the game, the penguin blows a "blue raspberry" (pretty much your classic me...FLATULENCE). Then you tally up your cards to see who ended up victorious. (I'd like to mention that for some odd reason, I've never been in that #1 spot...perhaps its my great humility which prompts me to let others win instead of myself...HA HA HA!)

So what's your favorite game? Is it something funny? Serious? Classic? New? Active? Board? Card?

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Link up and blog-hop around...and make sure to laugh a little bit too. Okay? After's good for you. :-)

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