Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Poetry, Giveaways (old and new), and meet the Sponsors

I've recently rediscovered poetry. I happened across the Maya Angelou poem I shared yesterday, Caged Bird, and felt that old familiar pulse energy surge through me as I read her words. It filled me with a longing to write again. And so, I've been writing poetry. Not much, and none too good, but it's been refreshing. It's as if I've had a buildup and by writing, I can let it all flow out in the form of words.

One that I wrote that I particularly like is called Between Silences. It's a young Jewish girl's telling of a concentration camp in World War Two. Morbid? Yes, but that time was morbid--those places were morbid. In order to try to give a glimpse into what I've heard and read of it, I had to journey into the darker, more agonized feelings of desperation and defeat the were so prominent in the camps. I tried to give the speaker a voice of pain and helplessness, as if she was trying to shut it all out. As I wrote it, I saw her leaning against a damp wall; the lighting dark and poor; water dripping down the sides of the cold walls and onto the concrete floors; her hair wet and limp and her whole body sagging in weariness...

Between Silences

Between silences
I can hear the cries
Of the dead souls
Who inherit the places
Of weeping

Between silences
I can smell the blood
That seeped through the
Cracks of this place
Of pain

Between silences
I can taste the fear
That lingered on
Everyone’s breath
And poisoned

Between silences
I can see the wounded
In soul and body
Crying out with
No answer

Between silences
I can feel the touch of
The dead on my skin
Begging me to help but
I can’t

Between silences
I can feel the horrors that
Plague this place
And know the pain
That’s here

Between silences
Is when I find out
I know what its like to
Be dragged off
To die

Hannah Nicole

More than anything, it made me sad.


On a lighter note....the giveaway ends tonight! I know it initially said it would end on Friday, but tomorrow I'm putting up the NEW giveaways for next week, so I thought to end it tonight, in order to stop any confusion. There's still time to enter though! Head over HERE to do so.

And stay tuned tomorrow--lots more giveaways coming up!


A little blip about all of Aspire's lovely sponsors and their shops...

A Heart Shaped Box features custom made and darling bracelets for you or your babies. They're super sweet and adorable...wonderful gifts considering Mother's Day is coming up. :-)

Bonny Blue Arts sells artwork, prints, historical clothing, needlecrafts, notecards, and, as they say, many other things! The dresses are gorgeous, and some of the artwork is incredible. A lovely shop.

Devon Baer Designs is an elegant, trendy, and totally chic etsy boutique. In her words:
Manhattan Based Designer Devon Baer brings her love for fashion and interiors to a new accessory line that bears her name. Inspired by antiques and the lovely world of interior design, her bold patterns and statement jewelry capture all things beautiful in the design world. With classic elegance and urban sophistication, Devon Baer's collection of preppy and whimsical handcrafted belts and jewelry reflect her personal style.
Which is definitely true. Her shop is lovely, and I love all of her items.

My Mimi Collection...a completely DARLING shop selling all sorts of cute and quirky items such as pillows, bags, belts, magnets, mirrors, hairclips, rings, and trays. All of them adorably sweet. Definitely a must see.

And last but not least, the lovely, the notebook doodles. More of an inspiration blog, tnb is a beautiful and inspiring site, complete with gorgeous photographs and graphics. A place that will make you smile.

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