Saturday, April 10, 2010

Revamping Four :: Planting Chums :: You're gonna wanna check this out...

First of all...a new name. Planting Chums seems to be a much better's way better than just plain old FOUR.

Secondly, a new button. (for those of you who already had the button, it should switch automatically)

Thirdly, for the last three weeks, there are gonna be some sweeeet giveaways. Did I say sweet? Because I meant it. I'm tempted to enter myself into these giveaways. (just kidding. I won't, but man, I wish I could.)

For this week (16th-23rd) we've got these awesome items...

Tricia, over at Tricia Richner, has offered to give away this fun journal--personalized with whatever name you want. Her stuff is super cute and I'm really loving the fun colors of this journal--definitely says VIVID to me. (and can that bow be ANY more darling?)
Her products are hand-made, unique and incredibly adorable. You can purchase monogrammed note-cards, special greeting cards, journals, diaries, and other misc. And, she has very reasonable prices for such incredible items!


Then, Lauri at Photography and Cupcake Toppers is giving readers a choice of winning any 5x7 print in her store OR a set of her ADORABLE cupcake toppers.

Look at those gorgeous colors! Can you imagine putting that up on your wall? Those flowers are speaking to clean and beautiful. Her photography is fresh and gorgeous. The details you can see in the flowers is incredible, and her colors are very distinct and bright.

Some of my favorites
These things are super cute! How much fun would it be to have those at a birthday party? The little scalloped edges add a distinct, unique touch to these creative and adorable toppers. Perfect for a party--vintage and fun, baby. :-)


For some more photography goodies, QuirkandHappenstance is giving readers a choice of ANY print in her shop. I'm loving both of the ones below. Vintagey and beautiful. She's somewhat newer on etsy, and doesn't have as many products yet, but the ones that are there are lovely. The soft feeling to her photos gives them an added boost of interest.


Lastly, leopard33 from Marchese Creations, has offered to give away THREE of her gorgeous jewelry products. Her handmade items are super lovely and perfect for any occasion. You can either win two sets of earrings or a gorgeous bracelet.

Her work is detailed and intricate and the colors are soft and dreamy. The cute little green earrings add a little quirkiness, while those blue flowered ones are downright lovely.

This bracelet is another of her gorgeous and unique designs. The beads on one side and the chain on the other give it a funky, yet still elegant feel, while the flower and its adornment complete the piece. What can I say? It's darling. 

I love all of these gorgeous items!

So here's how you enter to win them...

  1. Follow Aspire and leave a comment saying you are (or already do)

EXTRA entries:
  1. Put my button on your blog
  2. Put the Planting Chums button on your blog
  3. Tweet about this
  4. Put a blip on Facebook
    BONUS (+5 each) entries:
  1. Post about these giveaways & Planting Chums on your blog
  2. Post about the weeks topics and add your link to the mclinky (this only applies to this COMING weeks topic. The food one does not entail giveaways. The topic will be posted on the 16th, and you can post about it and link up anytime from then to the 23rd. Make sure to LEAVE a comment on THIS post saying you did.)

For each entry of the above, tell me what you did in a SEPARATE comment. That way I can make sure I get down all that you did. (make sure that you comment for each one that you do--and make sure that its on THIS post!)  Logistically I want to make sure that I've got it right.  :)  Thank you!

Make sure to visit each of the generous Etsy sellers and check out their products.  They're amazing!  Let's up their traffic and thank them!  See? Told you the giveaways were sweeeet. And you could win easy-peasy. ;-)

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