Sunday, December 13, 2009

PICTURES! (edited, I might add, by me. :)

This post is going to be completely of pictures. Bekah wanted me to show some of the ones that I had here they are. Opinions? All done with, I don't have my laptop yet. :| (all the pictures are my siblings...excepting the daisies one and the one of me looking out the monorail window. That one is several years old.)

Your opinions?



  1. I really like the daisy one Hannah! I LOVE taking pics and editing them, so I enjoyed looking through your pics. =)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Lexi <><

  2. The eleventh one down creeped me out a bit. You're brother looks like he's sick or something, with his face all white. Other than that one, there really good!

  3. Great Blog! I'm doing a FEATURED FOLLOWER on Writersense and you're this month's! What would you like me to say about you and your blog, if you don't mind being featured?

  4. I think they're all beautiful, Hannah! Love 'em all. :)


  5. Oh, your sibs are SO CUTE! They all have such gorgeous eyes! I'll bet you have FUN taking pictures of them. I'm envious. heehee. ^_^

    I'm not sure which is my favorite "photo-wise", but I absolutely adore the look on your brother's face in the one where he's holding the stocking. <3

    Love them!

  6. I LOVE THEM!! I think they're SO cool. (I really like the one of you and then the one of Gracie looking placidly into the camera...and of course the ones of Eli. LOVE Eli. :) And the one with Caleb outside, and Brennan with the stocking. I also LOVE the one of the daisies. Heh he short, ALL OF THEM!) I can't believe that you did that on PAINT.NET! *mouth drops open*

    Love you (so glad you posted them ^^)