Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A LOOOOONG time ago (see here) I posted my drawings...and now since for Christmas, I got a camera (yes, that was the thing on that one post. Kudos to you if you figured it out. ;) I'll be posting pictures of them. Sadly though, I've been so busy, I don't have any recent ones. So they're all fairly...old. ^^
(click on them to see them larger. :)
This was SUPER fun to draw. ;)

Characters from two different stories that I'm writing/wrote. First, Loner from Remix, then Alehska from Bender. (both as children then as teens/young adults ^^)

This was just an all around fun doodle...Sorry that the lighting is weird. Funky camera flash. :P

Two character doodles from Remix. Gairrais and Teo.

Another character from Remix. Tealnyr, Eirad's aunt. (i. e., an antagonist)

Another character from Remix. Eirad's cousin (and Ronan's sister) Edana.

I love eyes, and its rare that I draw one this pretty...^^

Do you ever have moments where you just start doodling randomly and then when you look down at what you've drawn, you're like, "What? Uh...okay..." This was one of those moments.
I do like the doodle though. ^^

*sighs* Another pretty eye...:)

A female of nobility. I LOVE the green color on her dress...ah...so pretty. I want a dress that color now. ;)

Another woman of nobility. I love the shadows on her face and collarbone.

A female profile, loosely based on my mom.

I just liked the eyes/nose together. ^^

AGH! Funky lighting. :P It's a guy, but the dumb flash ruined it...

 Manga guy. Inked. Slightly blurred. :P

I love this one...

...and this one. ^^

GAH! One of my favorite drawings of mine, and it's blurred. >.<

Based on a drawing in a manga book of mine. Inked and I inked it again with my colored-inks. So cool. But I got impatient...as you can tell by the splotches. >.>

A mermaid. :)

Super old drawing, based off of my profile. (and tweaked...as you can tell. *cough* ears *cough*)

A ring. Kinda LOTRish...kinda. ^.-

A page of random faces. I LOVE the bald dude and the gal who has her eyes scrunched up. And the gal on the far left (blond haired) is based off of Bekah, and the one below it is based off of me. Bekah's looks close to her, but mine...not so much. ^^

A pregnant woman. Drew it while my mom was pregnant with Sam, in honor of her. ;)

A page from my notebook. Random doodles on a character bio sheet for a gal called Prina...

More random faces. ^^

Drawn with pencil then done with calligraphy pens. ^^ heh, heh...I was bored. (if you look closely, you can see the pencil lines. I never erased them. ^_o)

A really rough drawing of a female face/side-profileish. I really like this one...not sure why. :/

A running gal...still in sketch format

Sketches of Sam (top. obviously ^^) and my mom. Done fairly quickly, as they both have a tendency to like to move. ._.

Random characters doodles from a story I was going to develop.

a drawing I promised Awel of herself. I didn't do the whole thing, but I like how it turned out. :)

The drawing itself was proportioned wrong, but I love the collarbone...even though it is slightly over exaggerated. ^^

An unfinished female face, done in pastels.

So there they are! (finally) What do you think? ^^



  1. Those are AMAZING Hannah!!!
    (*lifting jaw up from floor*)

    You are truly a gifted artiest! Good job, I love all of them - you couldn't make me pick just one. Keep at it!!!


  2. Oh man, Hannah. I didn't know anyone could draw that well. Holy Cow.

  3. I LOVE all your drawings!!! What a gift you have. I'm awe struck.

  4. wow Hannah! those are amazing!!! I love the ones of the characters from the book you are writing!

    totally awesome stuff ^_^

  5. Wow, you really are good at people. i can't do hands and some times I mess up my face so it kind of ruins the effect. LOL Love them!

  6. Speechless! OK, maybe not Speechless, more along the lines of flabbergasted! I didn't know you could draw like that Hannah! You have a wonderful talent! Keep up the amazing work :)

  7. Wow! They are great! I love the facial expressions on the faces!

  8. Wow. Those are really good! I'm going to post some of my drawings later...

    Your sister in Christ,

  9. awesome drawings! you should draw a pic of me. :-)

  10. oh my gosh, those are awesome! you have really been blessed with a beautiful, wonderful talent!

  11. Wow you actually drew me pretty well! you're an AWESOME ARTIST! my sis likes it too! :) You put my sister in the mood to draw! =D I saved the pic and if I gimp it enough I might use it as a profile picture. :)

  12. WOW! I love thos pictures! : ) You did them really well (I'm raven's sister=) Oh, AWEL informed me you don't know her as Raven... I call her that : ) Sorry! : ) But you have a huge, NEW fan! :)

    Oh, thanks for the comment yesterday! You write too? That's neat? What's Remix? Fantasy or Sci-fi?

    Thanks for tollerating my ramblings =D

    Michelle of the Elven-hope chest

  13. I love your drawings! And the collarbone may be overexaggerated for some people, but mine looks JUST like that, no joke! I have a very defined collarbone.

    Keep it up!

  14. WOW! You're really good! I love the second eye that you put up. That's beautiful! I like the absence of lines--it's really realistic. :)

    Missed you! Sorry it's been so long since I've taken the time to come by and read!

    Love ya!

  15. Hey, forgot to tell you that incidentlly you drew the perfect image of one of my characters—http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_QTwCH0WARPI/SzohutDYXoI/AAAAAAAABNM/JCT7sXumkiw/s1600-h/MaleMangaFaceInked.jpg

    I saw it about died!! IT was soooooooooo Cooper. :)I saved the picture. :)


    p.s. happy new year's to you too!!!