Monday, December 14, 2009

About Me.

Do you ever have moments of prolific silence in which a passionate urge pushes your spirit, fueling you with a dizzying and breathtaking urge to create?

Have you ever danced in the rain till you came out sopping wet, your hair dripping down your back and your eyes closed as you twirled in breathless splendor?

Can you get lost within a piece of music as it pushes you, pulls you, prods you, breaks you, connects you, breathes within you, fills you--as it flows through you and you become part of it?

Are verses and quotes hung on your walls--covering the cream with a vast array of untapped knowledge and wisdom that you would only have to look deeper into to realize truth?

Do words speak to you--fuel you with a passion, a breathless amazement that makes you want to cry with the power they hold? Do the words call you, beckon you, and will you to create worlds with them?

Are your feelings expressed through a song that streams its way from your lips, filling the room and alighting upon your inner core, your inner thoughts, your inner you?

Does the click of a camera make you excited, as you wait to see what will come out--what you have captured--what moment is now forever suspended in time because of what you have done?

And can you make what is blank and nothing, become something?

Hello, and welcome to my world--my life--welcome to me. The reasons and explanations for the eight things listed above are below.

Prolific Silence

is something that I enjoy--quiet times of reflection in which I can study myself, and pray. I love when prayer becomes deeper, when I speak to God with no words, yet I feel a stronger connection than ever. When I can read a verse and find a hidden meaning in it, or delve deeper into the words, it makes me excited, and awestruck of God's glory--how He speaks to us through His Word. I love Jesus and I am not ashamed to say so--to proclaim it. He is my Savior, my Refuge, My Strength, and My Life. Without him, I would be nothing--with Him, I can be all that I was made to be.


is one of my favorite pastimes (although, not my favorite). I have taken ballet for five years now, and just started pointe in summer 09. When a piece of music comes on the radio, or when my mom sits down to play piano, I usually start dancing. I love to dance and I do it often. Dancing is another way to express oneself through art, and it provides a thrilling and exhilarating experience.

Music, ah, Music

ties in very closely with what is listed above. I love to hear music beat in my soul, pound in my heart, reverberate in my spirit with its haunting and mystifying sounds. It speaks to a hidden reservoir in my soul--something with which I am close to being, yet not quite. I was not created to be a musician, yet I linger on the brink of it. Faintly close to going mad from listening to is ephemeral sounds as I am unable to follow the ever elusive path.

Hung upon my Walls

are verses from my ESV bible, and quotes that I found littered about online or in books. They pose delightful and refreshing and yet, at times, deep--which I love. The knowledge and wisdom hidden in them--the pure fantasies and poetry that they are bedecked with--the fun and laughter that they emanate--the thruth that is displayed in plain or poetic verse--that is why I love them.

Words Speak to me,

they call me and fill me with a passion to create with them. To create worlds, people, visions, hopes, dreams--lives. I love to write. What do I write? I write fantasy. The call of the unknown beckons to me; it whispers of untold legends and lore that have been hidden of old, or have vanished forever, which I can uncover--forever is not the same to a storyteller. I love to write fantasy. I love it, love it, love it. Writing fills me and makes me feel so alive, that I know that it is God given. Whether or not I end up writing for my life, or some other purpose fills me and drives me and becomes my career--which ever one, I still love writing. I don't know the future, but I can wait and see what God has in store for me. Besides fantasy, I write poetry at times, though its mainly freeverse. I just love writing--it makes me breathless thinking about it. ;)

My Feelings Stream from my lips.

I love singing (seems to be a lot of things that I love) and I sing regularly. I sing to the radio, a piano song, a tune that I made up, and just random garbled lyrics that bring my sister to tears with the hilarity of them. My voice breaks at an a, but I can always work to overcome that, right? Music, singing and dancing are all a large part of me--they are not, I believe, my main passions, yet I love them.


The sound fills my ears and I hastily look to what I have captured, what is forever suspended in time, what is now mine to treasure. Photography is a new medium in art for me, yet I'm beginning to love it. More than that, I love editing the photos I've taken, until they actually look good--till they actually look like a piece of art, and not a hastily snapped picture. (Graphic Design ties in with my artwork--I love it. :)

I Make Nothing into Something.

Woah, wait, what on earth do I mean? (this ties in with my writing as well). Think carefully, what is blank, yet can become filled? What is that which is nothing, and how can it become something? The answer, would be a pen or pencil. Yes. I love to draw. Drawing is in my roots (as is writing). My dad and grandpa both draw--my dad, for fun, and my grandpa for his living. Looking at their drawings (especially the latters) I am in awe of what I could learn to do, what I could learn to someday implement and create with my pencil. The sheer beauty of this world surrounds us--the sheer beauty of what God has given us is only waiting to be captured, whether it be by words or pictures or sounds, and I am here to do just that.

I am here to create.

I am an artist.

And I am here to live.


  1.'s totally YOU! (As your best friend, I can testify that all you say is completely true ^^)
    Love the last part, and that one line I showed you on chat. (*laughs* the last part is AWESOME but reminds me of that jeep commercial. "I Live, I Ride, I am...JEEP." Don't know why...yours doesn't resemble that even slightly. ^^)

    Love you,

  2. Very good getting to know you better. :)

    I can totally appreciate not being created to be a musician, though I'd love to be able to play the piano.


  3. great post Hannah!! You are such a beautiful writer! I'm a musician, so music practically flows through my veins. =)

    I never knew you and Bekah were best friends! It makes total sense now because you two are so much alike! =D


  4. Beautiful post, Hannah! I love how you wrote it! I also LOVE writing fantasy.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness.
    You're almost exactly like me!

    Everything in this post is describing me too! Except for ballet- I can't do that. But everything else! I even have ESV bible verses all over my wall! And you worded everything so beautifully. It resonates with my heart.

    Freaky. Maybe we're long lost sisters. :)

    Blessings, and Cheerio!

  6. What an amazing post. Honestly Hannah! This is you on paper! (i.e. In pixels.(: ) And what do you mean, "you can't sing"? That is totally untrue! Why do you think my dad let you sing on the worship team!? -Seth

  7. Hmm... this is an amazing post, even if I don't agree completely with your Christian views. I'm impressed.

  8. Hey Hannah! You've just gotten an award! Pick it up at my blog!

  9. I'm kind of speechless right now. That was beautiful....really beautiful.

    I love that you can combine all of those diverse parts of you, and call yourself an artist--I think there are very few people who have a definition for that word that's wide enough to encompass everyone who loves expression.

    I call myself an artist, but it's not just because I draw. It's because I feel art pulsing through my veins all the time. I've experienced so many of the feelings that you portrayed here--it's so amazing.

    Thank you for the beautiful post. Literally, breathtaking.

    Love you,

  10. You are a beautiful and unique person, Miss Hannah Nicole.

  11. What a wonderful post! I clicked follow and truly this is beautiful.

  12. Hannah! Thanks so much for your compliments on my adorkable blog. :) I'm so glad you love the title too!

    I am SO impressed with you. Your blog is gorgeous, your writing--mature far beyond your years, and your heart--fully wrapped up in Jesus. I'm so glad we're friends and I can't wait to get to know you more!

    Keep loving Jesus! He is RISEN!