Saturday, December 26, 2009

I love Winter...

Because of the harsh beauty

The freezing, yet beautiful, beautiful snow & ice

The contrasts between colors

And--oh, yeah, I love winter because of this, too.

All Photos Copyright 2009, Hannah Nicole
All Rights Reserved



  1. Winter is one of my favorite seasons. :) I LOVE those pictures!!

    Merry Christmas!! Love you!!

  2. I posted that background I was tellin' you about if you care to see it. :)

  3. Lovely pictures, Hannah! They are beautifully captured.
    Winter is one of my favorite seasons, too. I love seeing the white snow across the horizon, giving everything a bleached clean look.
    My other favorite I have to say is spring. I love seeing nature wake up!
    Also, I love the smell and the sound of spring rains.
    Though I do have to say seeing those thunder clouds roll across the Texas horizon is incredible.

  4. SO amazingly awesome pictures. Wow. I am in awe here. I love the first three. And your new profile picture is SUPER cool...though are you sure you want it on Google Talk? 'Cause I really liked the one of us two... ^^ But it's really pretty.

    And "harsh beauty" describes winter perfectly. :)

    CAN YOU COME TO THE SLEEPOVER?! I AM SO EXCITED--but if you can't come... *bursts into tears just thinking about it*