Friday, March 12, 2010

Life's been going fast....swirling around and around...

Slow down, everyone. You're moving too fast. Jack Johnson

Life has been so crazy lately...March always seems that way. It's gross out, as all the snow is melting into a slushy mess, and there seems to be so much to get done. Homework that is unfinished. Rooms that need cleaning. Siblings that need something. Places to go, things to do. Yadda yadda yadda...

And it's been so easy to just get caught in that. When you just get right in the middle of this spinning, spinning, spinning whirlwind that we call craziness...and life.

But that's not how life is always. What happened to sitting around and smelling the roses? What happened to just enjoying life?

Where on earth did our rest go?

We lost our rest. In the midst of chaos and to-do lists. Not that getting things done is bad, but when you only focus on what's next, you miss out on moments like this.

I love how Eli and Sam are nestled in with Momma...

That's why its important to have time to breathe.

And drink coffee. That's always good too. ;-)

There's my equivalent of a post today. Nothing deep or anything. Just breathing room. Sorta. ^_^

EDIT: I was really touched by the comments on my post below--a BIG 'ol hug to all of you! :-)


  1. Ahahaha - I get to be the first to comment!! YEAH!
    I agree - life is SOO busy. And that is such a sweet picture... of your mom and the two boys :).
    love ya! email me sometime... :)

  2. Hannah!! I love that picture that you captured this morning of Samuel and Elijah reading with me. You know what's neat? I intentionally didn't move fast this morning...instead of racing around trying to get everything just "right" I chose to rest on the breathe. And I love it that you caught that moment of living in the now, in breathing in and enjoying the soon to be fleeting days of toddlers and babes who were content to look at a book on my lap.

    I remember you asking me if I was okay this morning. I'm sure it was a shock to see me moving slow. And is slow bad? Sometimes no. Sometimes it is exactly what is needed. I needed it. And those two precious brothers of yours needed it as well. :)

    You're a blessing!


  3. Nice post Hannah! Ok, so I think the couch your mom is laying on is the same couch I had a few years ago. Is it navy with red and green in it? I have a differnt one now, but I sure recognize that one. It's a small world! Anyway. . .have a nice weekend!

  4. *laugh* and drink coffee.
    Yep, March is very dreary, *looks out the window* I'd have to agree there.

  5. You're right, Hannah! Nothing too deep, but very true! Thanks for the reminder to "slow down." :)

    ~ Love,
    Lindsay <3

  6. This is such a real life post. Life is busy but I always make time to slow down and enjoy my grandchildren to the fullest. I know how fast my kids grew up and I'm going to take in all I can of these little ones.

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  8. Hannah, I know what you mean! And you're so right, girl! That picture is adorable! I remember when I was little enough to do that with my mom. :)


  9. Yeah, I agree. Like is going way too fast these days:]
    (I like your new header)


  10. Hannah, life gets like that for me too... Especially in March. My sister is 18 months and she is literally bouncing off of the walls. I have a five year old brother who really wants attention and through all of this I still have school and chores to do so I can help Mom.

    I love to take little Cora on walks... she loves to run around and pick up twigs and leaves, and going outside with her really gives me the chance to unwind and reconnect with God, myself and the world around me.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I loved your pictures. =D

    Love in Christ,
    Your friend,

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  12. Great post! And you're right; it's little moments that make all the difference. :)

    I LOVE your new blog background and signature, too!

  13. Oops, I meant "banner", not background. ;)

  14. So true!
    I LOVE the new look! It is really pretty.
    And the picture is really sweet. Nice shot.
    What kind of coffee do you like to drink? Just curious.

  15. Hannah, what a Wonderful new look! So, fresh and calming. I really love it. :)

  16. Yes! We all need relaxtion. Those "down" times are very important. Although, for me, sometimes it seems like I relax and take it easy too much! :D I like that picture of your Mum and's real sweet. :)

    Blessings and love,

  17. I feel like that all the time. I'm rushing around from day-to-day from one event to another. Barely any time for breathing.... Then I get a day where I slow down.... take things easy.... and it's SO nice.

    March is definitely dreary.... although, right now, it's SO nice here. No clouds in the sky, no more snow, no puddles, no mud. It's a gorgeous spring day.

    Love ya!

  18. I know what you mean. Life is crazy around this time of year for us as well. I heard someone say that they can sleep when their dead! :-)

  19. Thanks for this reminder. So often I get caught up in moving from one place to the next, causing my mind to forget what really matters.

    Psalm 62:5
    Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.


  20. Agreed.
    But Starbucks? You can do better= ].

  21. Absolutely. Stop and have a cup of coffee - definitely Starbucks. :)

    I love the picture of your momma and little brothers. That is SO cute.

    Have a lovely day - keep begging to come to my chum gathering okay. Abigail is dying to meet you!


  22. I concur....with your post, and with my mom's comment. ;) I really really really really would absolutely looooooove to meet you! And I mean...a lot.

    As far as taking time to smell the roses....UGH! I so completely agree, it's sickening! Because I know that I've totally not followed through with little promptings to seize the moment/day, and I've been really mad at myself for it. Oh well....starting now, I'm going to be better! I know I'll try and fail and try and fail until I'm dead....but the point is that I try, right? Cuz life is not worth living if you don't live!

    I just watched The Princess and the Frog....Surprising message for a Disney movie. Have you seen it? I might blog about was really interesting for me.

    Love you! <3

  23. thanks for stopping by my blog!
    i love the pic of you and your boys...!

    so cute!