Thursday, March 25, 2010

LAST day to enter the blog button giveaway! La Mia Famiglia, and Spring

Aspire Blog Button Giveaway
Today is the last day to enter the giveaway. Hurry over to THIS post (by clinking that link or the button) to enter.

AND, to make it a little more fun, I'm going to giveaway two blog buttons. All you have to do is enter, and your name will be entered. How fun is that, right? Hurry up and enter...the giveaway ends midnight tonight. :-)


Just wanted to highlight some of la mia famiglia's blogs...

My Aunt Abby recently created a blog, and I'm sure she'd LOOOOVE to have y'all clicking that followers button (which, last I checked, is located on the bottom of her blog.) Some of you know that she headed off to New Zealand for a few months for an internship and we've been missing her lots...thank goodness for fb, skype, and now, blogger. ;-) 
She's got an introductory type of post up that you've just gotta read - it gives perfect light into our family. Head over there, and when you're done...

...Get ready to visit my mom's blog!

My momma recently (okay, a few months ago, but I've been kinda lazy in getting her blog ready for her...busy and all) switched her blog to blogger, and I know she'd love to have you clicking the followers tab too. She's got a post up about sweeping, of all things, but it's totally my momma (and trust me, it's actually interesting.) If you want to read her old blog, you can find it here, but I would definitely suggest going to her new one. In fact, I demand it, alright? lol. ^_^


Mom's, Abby, and aunt Becky's feet...and I cheated a bit. It's from last year, but it just captures spring. 

And just one last thing...Spring has officially arrived. My brothers have been outside pretty much 24/7, and we're loving the sun...even though it's not super warm (okay, it's a bit chilly sometimes) but as long as the snow is gone, it's all good. 
We've been blowing bubbles like crazy, which Sam loves...I'll have to try to take some pictures of that - it's pretty funny watching his face. 


SO...remember to enter the giveaway, and check out my family's blogs....I know you'll love them. :-)


  1. Ha! Sounds like my brothers. Mom is going crazy trying to get them to sit for school ☺.

    Stopped by your families blogs...looking forward to reading!

    Love in Christ,

  2. Going to check out their blogs right now! :) I remember reading your mom's Wednesday's Walk posts when we used to do that. Maybe if I follow her, she'll bring you down here in June! ha! ^_-

    Love ya,

  3. I'll go check em out now!

    Hope all is well!

    Love and Prayers,


  4. As long as the snow's off the ground (at least for the most part), I'll happily go outside (fifty degrees isn't bad either)!


    Proverbs 26:1

    Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, honor is not fitting for a fool. (A.K.A. Go away snow, welcome spring!)

  5. i love the feet! so presh. i'm going to pay their blogs a visit!

  6. Thanks, Hannah, for such a nice referral to your mom's, I mean, my blog. You are a dream to have as a daughter. Truly.

    Love you!