Friday, January 29, 2010

Open Hands >> My Life at the Moment

To give unselfishly
to love the least of these
Jesus I'm learning how to live with open hands
All these treasures that I own
will never satisfy my soul
Jesus I lay them at your throne with open hands

I lift my hands open wide
let the whole world see
how you love,
how you died,
how you set me free
free at last, I surrender all I am with open hands, with open hands

To finally let go of my plans
these earthly kingdoms built of sand
Jesus at your cross I stand with open hands

You took the nails, You bore the crown
You hung your head, Your love poured out
You took my place, You paid the price
so Jesus now I will give my life
Open Hands by Matt Papa

This is how my life feels right now--I'm learning how to live with open hands. I'm learning how to let go of what I want, and instead, learn to embrace and live what He wants.

Because ultimately, that's what matters.

Letting go of my plans, letting go of what I think is best, letting go of the things of this world which I am so dearly attached to.

Learning to give my life to the one who gave it to me

When I put God into a box and take Him out when I deem it "necessary" or when I want something, then that's not living. That's just existing.

I'm learning to live.

I want to give my life to God--I want to have my life be fueled by love for Him. And I want to become what I was meant to be. I don't want to just exist in this world--to just get by day and day and do what I want.

I want to do what he wants for me.

All these treasures that I own
will never satisfy my soul
Jesus I lay them at your throne with open hands

Psalm 55:22a:
Cast your burden on the LORD,and he will sustain you

There are things on this earth that can fill me up temporarily, but nothing can sustain me but God. Nothing. Repeat that with me. Nothing can sustain me but God.

Learn to live that. Learn to give your life to Him.

Learn to live with open hands.


  1. Beautiful, and so true! We cling so tightly to the things that we want, that we often miss the whole point of our achieve what Christ wants. And the amazing thing about that is, if we have the right motivation for wanting the things that we want, then 9 times out of 10, God will deliver when we give it over to Him. Isn't that just so awesome!?

    Love you Hannah! Gorgeous post. :)

  2. Awesome post Hannah! That song applies to my in the same way. I know its hard to let go of worldly things, but I'd much rather have what God has planned instead of the worldly pleasures.

    Luv ya girl!


  3. beautiful song and post hannah!! its so true - you should watch the ludys' videos on that - their youtube channel is the video is called 'set apart girl thot 1'!!
    love ya - wonderful and encouraging post! no i'm not being weird - aren't we sisters in christ? and why wouldn't i love my sister or brother?

  4. Wow. That was a really cool post! That's awesome how you took Open Hands and explored deeply into its real meaning. I probably wouldn't of realized the true importance of everything said in the song unless you'd posted. :D


  5. amazing,beautiful and oh so true! I feel the same way Hannah! God's love is so passionate that He is always there..whether we realize it or not. God can never hold a full hand is a quote that I try to live by, allowing my hands to be open to whatever He wants!

    Blessings and hugs!

  6. Oh! that is true in so many ways!

  7. Beautiful, Hannah!! I feel much the same myself...I've changed a lot over the past few years; spiritually, emotionally, physically. I feel God's sweet, soft call every day, calling me to a life so awesome I can't even begin to imagine.
    Thanks for the reminder.


  8. Cool post--ties back to what we were talking about the other day, about how God needs to be the highest priority.

    Agh, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever...despite the fact we went to OH in the morning. ;)

    Love you,

  9. Hey Hannah,

    You have a really neat blog, and I love your whole theme of aspiring. :D

    This blog post was so beautiful. I'm also at that point in my life where I have to live with open hands. I feel like this post was what I was meant to read tonight. Thank you so much for writing that. :)

    In Him,

  10. Awesome post! Beautiful lyrics. [=

  11. Beautiful post!! Really glad I stopped by! Love your blog!

  12. Oh Hannah, how perfectly I loved this post! I'm always grateful to be reminded that there are others walking the enchanted path. A path so full of excitement- in exchange for all of our 'self' and all that we've ever known.