Monday, January 25, 2010


NOTE: Not all pictured

Enjoy--I'd love to see some of YOUR hated/favorited fonts. ;)


  1. Hi and

    Wow - I love your blog so far I’ve only seen a bit of it - from the top down to here- but it’s beautifully made,

    this hated/favorited fonts idea is inspired

    wow really really great

    I’d love to do my own hated/favorited fonts

    I will but I’m telling you now that your post looks so artistic, pleasing on the eye, just truly amazing,

    I really like wow wow wow – see I can’t find the words – ironic.

    My hated/favorited fonts I assure you will probably turn out a little bit different my artistic ability is more rusty than shiny,

    one more compliment before I go because I did enjoy this post a lot –

    Your work shines.

  2. hmmm i like some of those ones you hate...
    you're forgiven *lol* :) hugs
    p.s. i also like the ones you likethough..

  3. WHAT!!! Papyrus!!!? Jefferson!!!? Scriptina!!! Bradley Hand ITC??!!

    ARE YOU INSANE!?!? Those are great fonts! ;:)

  4. I think we like all the same fonts, Hannah! Although i do like Scriptina while it's not huge... :)

    Love ya! Melian

  5. I think it depends on what I am doing as yo what fonts I like. I don't like "French Script", "Bradly Hand", or "Gigi" at all. I like "Times" and as a basic one, and really like "Sagawa".

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Aspire!



  6. we go. *gets a determined nerdy expression on her face*

    Comic Sans MS... *gag me*. I HATE that font. It's all roundish and weak and ordinary and BLECH! And I HATE it when people use it in emails in the color blue. Yick. Drives me crazy.

    Arial Black is horrible. Any kind of Arial is horrible. UGH! Even Times New Roman is better then Arial.

    Hate Beanie, Blackadder, Faktos, Pooh (UGH! DISGUSTING FONT! IT'S SO BLECH!!). Bradley Hand ITC isn't SO bad. Not as bad as the rest. But I still don't like it.

    Copperplate Gothic Bold is cool! I've always liked that font.

    Felix Tiling isn't so bad. It's acceptable. I like the fonts that are all in caps. Plus it's got a cool title.

    Tunga, Franklin Gothic, French Script (EIU!!! YUCK!!! DISGUSTING!!), and all of the ones to Mia's Scribblings...they are super bad. UGH! I HATE bad fonts. They make me SO irritated. Just looking at them drives me insane.

    Papyrus isn't that bad! I honestly don't think it's that bad. It's just over-used and over-rated.

    Olde English is not insanely bad in and of itself...but I hate all the fonts that are like all medievalish.

    Perpetua Tiling MT is actually really cool! I need to go download that font. ^^

    And the rest are horrible. And you know what I feel about Times New Roman. *wishes she could obliterate that font from the face of the earth*

    To your Fonts That I Love. ^^

    Vtks Revolt is...okay. I hate how only the capital letters are fancy, and the rest look like a distorted Comic Sans MS.

    I LOVE all the Pea fonts (you liked Pea Hurry Up Beck too? I LOVE that one!!!).

    Century Gothic...yuck. I hate that font. :P

    GEORGIA IS AWESOME!!!! 'Specially size eleven. ;)

    Beyond Wonderland is SO cool!!! I NEED to download that one.

    Palatino Linotype is average, Bleeding Cowboys is pretty cool, Courier New is YUCK!!!, Ringbearer is SUPER cool.

    I hate Gill Sans MT and Elven Common Speak. UGH! I hate it.

    FFF TUSJ IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!

    Final Fantasy is pretty awesome, Garamond is swet, Freebooter Script is...OKAY, I guess.

    Perpetua and Sylfaen are awesome serif fonts.

    Triumph Tippa, Hobbiton, Impact and Shelldon are PATHETIC! I hate these fonts. UGH! Impact is so ugly, like blotching ink. Yuck. And Triumph Tippa is so pixelated and "old type-writer-ish", and hobbiton is SO pathetic. I hate all the dots. Shelldon is...just bad. I hate it.

    Inheritance Font is SO cool. And you know how I feel about Jane Austen. Love that font. :)

    Jellyka Saint Andrew's Script is awesome. You should see Jellyka Castle's Queen. And Jellyka Waterways something. I love all Jellyka fonts.

    I LOVE MISS BROOKS! I got it a while ago. SUPER cool. I love it. (Plus it's awesome as my post/sidebar titles...thanks again. ;)

    Organic Elements is okay. It's better then Decorative Font Final (though they're practically the same).

    Ugh. I hate Porcelain. I don't even like Hurricane that much anymore. Ugh. They stink.

    I don't even like The King And Queen Font anymore. I just like the symbols (same goes for Hurricane).

    The rest are awesome. Except the last one, uncletypewriter. UGH! I hate those old-type-writer-ish fonts. They're They're just ugh. ^^

    How long did it take for you to make that image? It must have been SO tedious. But it's awesome. ;)

    Love you,

  7. well, i love your font! whats it called??

  8. Once I saw your post I had to go download a lot of fonts... we should type a page out in Comic Sans MS and burn it.

    In Christ,

  9. I have to admit, the hurricane font is really cool.


  10. You know, I really like that Jefferson font! ;) In fact, I'm probably gonna download it now, lol...

    And I'm soooooooooo not a fan of Papyrus. I didn't even know what its name was, but it's used way too often, imho.

    Now, I do rather like French Script, so I'm sorry it's one that you hate... ;)

  11. I totally hate "Comic Sans" tooo ---- ahhh, its like -- eww!!! and i totally agree with you on those fonts -- gigi? eww, i know!!! there's gigi font on this logo for a hairdressing shop where i live, and it's GROSSSSSSS!!! every time i walk past it im like, "we totally need a gifted designer here!"
    papyrus? yeah, well, it does match a few things.
    century gothic --- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! lol and i love jane austen btw... :)

    hmmm, you must have a design/graphic gift (duh)

  12. p.s. wow, all the design-type-girls seem to totally hate comic snas MS -- we need to totally ruin that font... mind if i do this on my blog? it soo rox :))

  13. lol! I find this post (and the comments) so fantastically nerdy! I love it! XD We font nerds sure are awesome, are we not? I agree on basically everything....I can't find one on either that I disagree with. lol. I use Bodoni MT ALL the time! I really like the look of Organic Elements too...I'll have to look that up. favorites....I've got like a million. :P I LOVE Angelic War! I don't use it that much, but it's definitely one of my favorites. An Unfortunate Event is totally awesome. Das Reicht Gut Regular....yeah, I have no idea, but it's awesome. ha! Devinne BT, Euphorigenic, Gartentika, Jellyka Castle's Queen, karabinE., Liorah BT (I use that one ALL the time), MA Sexy (haha...weird name, but I really like the font), Romance Fatal Serif, Sketch Rockwell, The Quickest Shift....and like a million others, but ya know. ;)

    As far as ones I hate...well, I'm not totally big on any of the standard fonts that are downloaded with Word and whatever. lol....but there are too many to mention. For every great font, there are like 10 awful ones. :P

  14. I was also wondering... you know how you did like a makeover thingie for Bekah's blog? Well, how did you get the menubar buttons to change to a diff color when you put your mouse over it? btw, i love what you did!

    Libby xox

  15. hi, i'm Kenzy and i really really like your blog!! i think that my fav. font is Hobbiton (one of your favorites too i guess) and just about anything else that looks like old-time calligraphy. :)
    my blog at

  16. Lovely blog you have here! I've enjoyed poking around!

  17. Thanks Hannah for all the help!!! =D

  18. hey Hannah!

    in response to your question... I used Picnik ( a free photo editing site that I really like :) the font is "Love Ya Like A..." under "Kimberly Geswein" in the "Text" section (Which is under "Create"). Picnik has LOTS of cool fonts, and I know how much you like fonts ;)

    Have a good day!


  19. HA! This cracks me up! You know your fonts well ^_^

    By the way...I love French Script! =P oh, and I like- never mind!

    Fun post!

  20. Finally! someone else that hates Times New Roman :)

  21. you see, i'm like that too! it takes me longer to find a font for the essay than it does for me to write it.