Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happiness is...

The other day, I was lost for what to write. I almost started writing some flimsy sentences in the slim hope that it would lead to a brilliant plot, then to an amazing story which I'd publish. (Such dreams. :D)

I almost went to the computer, almost opened up microsoft word and almost typed up the faint sentences in my mind.


Except something told me, Y'know, sit down and write something out. It'll be good.

So I did.

And the result (after a half an hour) was a five page plot for a story that I am going to begin to write, this coming school year.

Right now, I'm typing it up (my scrawled handwriting is barely legible, even for me) and getting the logistics of everything down (most everything). I'm taking names from other failed story attempts (all without real plots, mind you) and putting them into this story.

I have a feeling that the story that I am now starting to develop is good, and I have an inkling (as well as a hope) that the plot may be good as well. I'm going to share it with some close friends and see what they think. (After it's typed up, that is.)

So to finish the title: Happiness is finishing a five page plot after half an hour.

Beautiful. ;)



  1. So cool! Don't you just love it when inspiration sneaks up on you?

  2. Can't wait to here more about the story :)

  3. Wow. A 5 page plot is like HUGE! I think my plot for my book was like a paragraph of 8 or 10 sentences :P
    I'm thinking I need to re-write it.... just because I've gotten a new idea. :D

    I almost always write things out before I type them up. ALWAYS. I think it helps. As long as you can make out what you wrote, I've often been stumped by my own hand writing or miss-spelled word, but I was to lazy to look up the work, or was in a hurry to finish to write neatly.....

    Best of luck on beginning your book!
    I'll be praying for you as you embark on the long road of novel writing!

    your friend,

    ps I would be feeling great happiness too, if I just finished a 5 page plot after half an hour!

  4. That's cool!!
    Good luck on that!!

  5. COOL!! Hey, I am sorry for not emailing you but our computer was down! SORRY!!! =D

  6. In reply to your comment:

    Hannah- It is!
    Oh man I know that feeling! I had the same trouble starting my book.... in away, I'm kind of at a lose as to how to actually start the adventure part of it......
    It will come to you I'm sure!
    You can e-mail me if you need any.... I don't know.
    Support. haha. Author to Author.
    But in the mean time, I'm praying for you and your book! :D


  7. So glad for you! :D I hope you get on with this story =)