Tuesday, July 14, 2009


IT'S TIME FOR VACATION PICTURES!!! Heh, heh, heh...anyways, I guess I should tell you about my vacation. Here's what I wrote in an email to Alex.
So, let me think...what did I do on my trip...On Saturday we went to the 4th of July fireworks in ******. They were SO good! ^_^ Sunday, we bummed around, fished, swam, and my cousin Noah caught a 47 in. Muskie but he had to let it go, because they have to be 48 in. Big bummer. (I'm attaching a pic of it; he's the one on the right). On Tuesday my aunt came up and on Thursday we went to Itasca. I got a picture with Noah on the log (because we get a picture on the log every year we go up, the first one was when we were two. We got one last year as well.) I'm sending you lots of pictures, ^_^
Also, our tradition on the 4th is that we get icecream, and we usually (for the past three years) have glowsticks. :} My uncle Joe put a glowstick around a waterbottle to give it a "matrix" feel. ^_^ The picture of the trees and the lake is from our campsite, where Chloe and I were in a tent (since our cabin is a 4 person cabin). The picture of the sunset is taken from our "secret" fishing spot, the resort is in the background by the trees, and you can see the two rafts in the swimming area.
The picture of the dock is of the dock that three cabins (including ours) shared. Although, my family pretty much monopolized it. All the glowstick pictures are from the 4th. The one with Brennan in a funny pose is him in his "monkey pose". ^_^
And now, for the pictures! ^_^

(NOTE: None of these pictures are in order. I just uploaded them in a mishmash way...:P)

A picture of a sunset taken from our "secret fishing spot" (the resort is in the trees, shadowed by the darkening light. But you can see the two rafts in the swimming area in the lake.

(my brother) Caleb on the fourth at the fireworks. We love glowsticks...^_^

Eli, playing in an innertube in the backyard of my gramma/boppy's cabin. (Also known as, the main cabin). He was holding the tube and running around...it was hilarious.

Me and my (second) cousin Noah at Itasca on the log. Every time we go to Itasca, we take a picture on the log. The first one was when we were two! ^_^ (BTW, my hand looks yellow because it has dirt all over it...=P)

My (great) uncle Eric, and Noah, with Noah's 47 in. Muskie. Unfortunately, he didn't get to keep it, because it was one inch too small. (Actually, it was about a half in. too small...BUMMER)

My uncle Joe decided to put a green glowstick around a waterbottle, then decided it had a matrix feel.

Yellow glowsticks. The picture is pretty cool...Joe edited it...

The sign of the resort we stay at! (I've gone to the resort for 14 years.) It's taken from the back of the car, so we're going into the resort, and the sign is behind us.

On the pontoon that my grandparents rent from the resort. My grandma is the one on the left side with the reddish hair (its more brown, but it looks red in the sun), in front of her is my (great) aunt Debbie, then its me in the blue lifejacket, Grace in the orange, and I think that my mom's sitting on the floor...

Another sunset taken from the pontoon.

Preparing dinner. NOTE: everyone has breakfast and lunch seperately, and then each night someone makes dinner. My grandparents (basically my gramma) makes it two nights, Debbie makes it two nights and my mom makes it two nights. My aunt Becky helps everyone out. On Friday night we have a potluck, since noone wants to cook considering that we have to leave the next morning.

My siblings and I all on the dock that my cabin and two others (including Eric, Debbie, Noah and Adam's cabin) share. Isn't it just idyllic?

Playing a game called Loopit...very fun. Although, at the end of the game, my Boppy (grandpa) decided that we would make words out of the tiles (which were swirls and stuff) and then it progressed into making the USA (which we did, and it looked like it) and so on...we spent about an hour doing that. I'll upload pictures from that later.

*sighs* Me, reading the thesaurus on the pontoon. And no, I didn't pose for the shot...

Me on the pontoon...boy, I look happy. :P

Me, Grace and my (only) cousin Dylan on the pontoon. Wind, anyone?

Same as before.

Me and my aunt Becky on the pontoon.

My Boppy in the hat, Dylan in the background and then my Gramma and Mom in the front. (on the boat; most of the pictures are on the boat)

A really cool picture of Grace (on the boat). My mom in the background.

Grace and Dylan ready to go fishing. (in the front of them is the harbor)

Going through the channel.

At the fourth. Becky in the background and Grace in the pink sweater. Playing with glowsticks...^_^ My uncle edited this photo.

Chloe, on a boat ride. Eating Fun Dip as you can see.

Eli at the fourth, playing with glowsticks.

Eli at the beach.

Eli at my grandparent's cabin, playing with the cars racetrack that Becky brought up.

Eli, arranging the cars. He had to have them just right, otherwise he got irritated.

His cars, arranged. ^_^

Eli doing his cranky face. Brennan and my mom in the background.

Dylan on the pontoon.

Love this picture...my uncle Joe took it of a bridge.

Chloe on the pontoon.

Same as before.

Chloe on the edge of the pontoon.

Chloe on the dock, getting ready to step into the pontoon. lol...=P

Chloe on her bike (actually, my mom's) at our campsite. Our cabin is four 4 people, so we have 4 too many, so Chloe and I slept in a tent. My uncle Joe slept in another tent, behind ours.

Chloe with her glowsticks on.

Caleb doing his cranky face. :D Actually, I think its his mad face...

Brennie (Brennan) on the pontoon...such a good picture.

*laughs* Brennan doing his monkey impression at Itasca.

Brennan at the beach.

My Boppy (fondly known as Captain Grandpa for the first night up that we fished) on the pontoon.

During the 4th, waiting for the Fireworks to start. From left to right. Debbie, Eric, Caleb (in the grey), My dad, Chloe (in the red), Brennan(in front of chloe, holding a flag), Eli and me.

My (second) cousin Adam waving a blue glowstick at the 4th.

Adam getting food.

Adam (in the grey shirt) and Noah (in the purple shirt) playing basketball at the 4th. While waiting for the fireworks to start. (which wouldn't start for several more hours...^_^)

My aunt Abby, smiling. :P

I have more pictures...somewhere...but this is all the time I have right now. It was a great vacation...^_^

FYI, I don't have a picture of Joe (that I know of) from the vacation, because he was mainly the one who took the pictures. :)


  1. Sounds like a great time, and that's one awesome fish!

  2. Wow! Looks like you had tons of fun! I still have to get my pictures up from camp, and from my weekend with a friend...... I'm super slow! haha!


  3. Great pictures!
    It sounds like you had fun

  4. Looks like you had fun! The sunset pics were my favorite.

  5. I really like your header, Hannah! It's neat.

  6. Cool pics! :D Looks like you guys had a blast!


    PS: Btw, I really like your new header. It's awesome. :D

  7. What a gorge fishing spot! I haven't been fishing since I was about 10, I so need to go again. You've inspired me.

    I love how cute those little cars are all lined up. A neat car-player. Very unusual for a boy. Most boys have their cars all haphazardly strewn around. So cute!

  8. to make the background the fit, you have to resise it.

    i use paint.net {its free} and the width should be 1250px and the height should be 833px

    i think that is what you mean.

  9. Awesome!!!
    The sun-set is so beautiful.

    Love ya,

  10. I LOVE the background Hannah!!!!!!! It's SOOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


  11. In reply to your comment:
    Haha. Oh it's a secret.... lol not really.
    I just made a new blog, made it look like my main one, then posted the stuff I wanted to be on there, then made it so you can't comment and it doesn't show anything really, like it normally would on a post , so it just looks like a page instead of a post. then made the linky thing, and BAM! it was a page 2 to my blog!
    That was probably all really confusing..... so if you want a more detailed less confusing one so that you can do it yourself that I can do that. =)

    Well I'd better go, my mom just came home with frozen pizza and popsicles and I'm like staved because I've been working on my book and writing makes me hungry so ya.

    Your friend,

  12. Looks like so much fun! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it. =) Wind is a lot of fun! :D

  13. aaaaahhh.... looks like you guys had fun! :)

  14. you take amazing pictures! This is my new fav blog! LOL
    In Christ,